Insall Travelling Fellowship

John Insall's legendary contributions to knee surgery were based on an academic pursuit of excellence in research and patient care. His research endeavors encompassed biomechanics, surgical techniques and vigilant post-operative patient evaluations. Inherent in his life's work was the importance of educating knee surgeons throughout the world. In recognition of Dr. Insall's contribution to both the worldwide orthopaedic community and the Knee Society, The Insall Travelling Fellowship is designed to perpetuate his legacy.

   Applicants must have completed (within 5 years) either an Adult Reconstruction Knee Fellowship or Sports Medicine Fellowship.

   The candidates must be able to travel in October for four full weeks.

   Applications must be received by October 1st

A group of four international candidates will be selected to travel to various Knee Society locations for this one month program

This annual Fellowship will include visits to internationally recognized joint replacement and knee surgery centers.

The annual group of four (4) Fellows will include the most qualified candidates as determined by the selections committee. Ordinarily, the process will lean towards selecting two North Americans, one Trans-Atlantic and one Pan-Pacific candidate. The candidates must undertake a project(s) during the 4-week course of their travels and subsequently complete a synthesis of the data in a manuscript to present at selected international meetings and publish in appropriate journals. The scope of the project will be determined by the selection committee in cooperation with the Knee Society.

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John Insall Traveling Fellowship



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