Adult Reconstruction Fellowship

The Insall Scott Kelly® Institute (ISK®) is pleased to announce a new relationship with NYU Langone Medical Center/Hospital for Joint Disease. Beginning in August 2016, ISK and NYU/HJD will combine the Adult Reconstruction Fellowship programs.

The NYULMC ISK Adult Reconstruction Fellowship will run parallel with the NYULMC HJD accredited fellowship program. In total, there will be 6 positions, the 4 NYULMC ISK non-accredited and the 2 NYULMC accredited positions during the 2015-16 academic year. It is the goal of this program to ultimately achieve ACGME accreditation for all 6 positions; therefore, the 4 non-accredited fellows will be governed by the rules and regulations of NYULMC and the ACGME. In this parallel track, there will be 7 clinical sites, with over 6,000 Adult Reconstruction surgeries performed by the combined teaching attending surgeons.

Adult reconstructive orthopaedics is a subspecialty of orthopaedic surgery that includes the in-depth study, prevention, and reconstructive treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, disorders, and sequelae of injuries by medical, physical, and surgical methods in patients 17 years and older. The NYULMC ISK educational program in adult reconstructive orthopaedics will include the care of arthritis and related disorders of the hip, knee and shoulder. The fellowship program will provide care of the full spectrum of hip, knee and shoulder disorders including joint replacement, joint preservation, osteotomy, ligament repair, and cartilage restoration. The full gamut of adult reconstruction technologic innovation is available for research and clinical application on a daily basis at NYULMC ISK.

Clinical volume involves approximately 6,000 Adult Reconstruction (AR) procedures per year at 7 clinical sites. The Hospital for Joint Diseases (HJD) is an orthopaedic specialty hospital with a wide variety of orthopaedic pathology from adolescence to senescence in the AR discipline. Bellevue Hospital is an inner city urban hospital providing care to a diverse variety of underserved populations with health care disparities and unusual presentations of under treated orthopaedic AR problems. Tisch Hospital at NYULMC is a tertiary referral university medical center which treats our medically complex AR orthopaedic cases. Fellows are involved in OR cases 4 days per week. St. Francis Hospital is a community hospital on Long Island which presents the Fellows with an alternative to the academic teaching hospital, urban medical center which is NYULMC. Outpatient surgical experience will be achieved in the 38th St. Ambulatory Surgical Care Center. Outpatient clinical care experiences are garnered in the HJD 23rd St. AR Clinic, Bellevue AR Clinic, the ISK private office, and the Center for Musculoskeletal Care Private Offices.

Fellows are given graduated responsibility in the OR according to their demonstrated abilities as evaluated by the Clinical Competency Committee.

This fellowship participates in the San Francisco Match Program. All applications should be completed on line through the SF Match site at:


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